LangerChen imperméable Milport


Le manteau vegan matelassé Milport  de LangerChen, léger, chaud et imperméable.

Coupe droite. Poches extérieurs et 2 poches intérieurs.

Grande capuche.

Fermeture éclair à double sens et pressions.

Extérieur en 60% coton écologique et 40% nylon recyclé avec une finition hydrofuge. L’intérieur est en membrane de polyurethane.



LangerChen et notre planète (en anglais)


These three values have motivated us as a Fair Fashion Label since 2013. Our mission is to create Eco Outdoorwear that stands out through its timeless look, sustainable materials and maximum functionality. Furthermore, we have been committed to ensuring fair manufacturing conditions, minimizing our ecological footprint and creating high-quality products since day 1.

LangerChen is demonstrative proof that “Made in China” fashion need not be synonymous with mass-produced wares stemming from poor working conditions. In fact, LangerChen has been dedicated to reaching its goal of establishing an environmentally friendly and a fair textile production facility in China. In 2009, Miranda Chen and Philipp Langer took the first step towards realizing this goal founding the Jiecco textile plant just outside of Shanghai. Their passion for fashion and expertise in creating materials is the common thread on which the pair founded LangerChen five years later.

Now, at the Jiecco facility, the entire LangerChen collection is produced—from materials to the finished garment. The GOTS-certified facility has been specialized in the production of sustainably produced fashion since its founding and is a leader in fair manufacturing practices and good working conditions in China.

Roughly 100 employees work on the sustainable collections, for which they receive fair pay, enjoy good working conditions and a familiar company climate. The Jiecco facility now also produces articles for other large, eco manufacturers like Lanius.



While our German office is located near Munich, our Chinese team produces our collection near Shanghai.


SUSTAINABILITY – Taking care of our planet’s resources is something we are very serious about – and about minimizing our carbon footprint. When selecting our materials, we exclusively use organic cotton, eco-wool, Tencel, organic linen and recycled polyester.


FUNCTIONALITY – As we produce nearly all of our materials ourselves, we are able to ensure that optimum feel and appearance harmonize with maximum functionality. Thanks to unique weaves, special membranes and always selecting the right materials, our coats provide maximum warmth on cold winter days, protect wearers from rain, keep cold wind at bay and are the perfect companion no matter the occasion.


FAIRNESS – Our goal is to be a leading example that the fashion industry can also be fair. We manufacture our articles at our own facilities in China, are on a first name basis with each and every one of our employees and pay a fair wage. At our Jiecco production facility, we strive to create good working conditions, do our part to educate our workforce on the importance of being good stewards to the environment and provide daily transportation to work and back. We are a family-run business with many long-time employees. Learn more here!


While fashion and fairness don’t always go hand-in-hand, they do at LangerChen they do! As a Fair Fashion Label we are dedicated to being a leading example that a fashion label can produce beautiful and high-quality garments while simultaneously providing its workforce with good working conditions and a fair wage.

We produce every article in all of our LangerChen collections at our own workshop on the outskirts of Shanghai. We have some 90 employees with long-term contracts who are responsible for producing all of our jackets and coats. We are committed to paying a fair wage and also to improving the living conditions of our members of staff.

Our team enjoys working conditions that are both safe and good, a fair living wage and also receives health insurance and a pension. We also ensure that the team works with the latest industry technologies meaning they are able to gain additional skills.

Furthermore, we also provide our employees with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of what it means to produce in an ecologically conscience manner. Everyday we also give our team a freshly prepared lunch, as well as free transportation to work and back.


The fashion industry is taking a huge toll on the environment. Toxic chemicals, excessive water consumption, genetically modified materials and unbridled greenhouse gas emissions are just some of the evils the industry is unleashing on the planet. We do fashion differently here at LangerChen. We are passionate about conserving precious natural resources and leaving the lightest environmental footprint possible. Sustainability lies at the heart of every decision we make.

Sustainability is part of our DNA here at LangerChen. From the moment we started our company, we have ensured that our strong environmental values are reflected in every collection we create. We are driving forward the changes we want to see across the whole fashion industry.

We invest a great deal of time and energy into sourcing eco-friendly raw materials. Our quest to find the highest quality materials has taken us as far as the cotton fields of the Xinjiang province and to our own wool producer in Australia.

As well as championing sustainable materials, we closely monitor our company’s carbon footprint by continually optimising our processes.  


We produce our fabric ourselves using our own sustainable production processes. This includes spinning our own yarn to fulfill our production requirements as well as knitting, weaving and dyeing the fabrics ourselves. Our objective is to produce functional textiles in the most ecologically sound way possible.

To achieve this, we use high-quality, environmentally-friendly, certified raw materials, including GOTS-certified organic cottonGOTS-certified organic linen and the eco-friendly fibre Lyocell(Tencel®).

We make good use of recycled materials wherever we need to use petroleum-based raw materials. The organic wool we use comes from a farm in Australia where the sheep are reared in accordance with the rigorous environmental standards set by the EU Ecolabel.

Our jackets are also impregnated with Bionic Finish®-Eco, a high-performance, water-repellent coating which is also fluorine-free.

We believe that conscious consumerism plays a critical role in solving the problems brought about by the fashion industry. 

Timeless and understated design never goes out of fashion. We apply this principle when we produce our high-quality jackets and coats to ensure they will not only bring pleasure for many years but will also stand the test of time. 

We never have surplus stock here at LangerChen as we only produce the number of garments that are ordered and required by our retail partners.