BOAR – sur-chemise


La sur-chemise BOAR est une pièce clef de la collection FORET automne-hiver 2020. Fabriquée au Portugal dans une  flanelle de coton organique. La  grande douceur  et chaleur du tissu et ses trois grandes poches extérieures  font que cette pièce soit un plaisir à porter . FORET fait pas d’economies quand il s’agit de qualité. Ses tissus  et la confection sont prévus pour durer et pour être portés facilement en ville mais aussi dans les climats difficiles qu’on peut rencontre lors d’une vie active à l’extérieur. Parfait mélange de style scandinave, confort et qualité.

  • 100%coton organique
  • Trois grandes poches extérieures
  • Fabriqué au Portugal
  • Laver en machine à 30°


Forét encourages you to slow down and go offline. We do this by also thinking about our environmental impact and what we as a brand can do to save the nature for future generations. All though we are not 100% sustainable, we at forét are working towards finding new sustainable ways to produce and deliver our products. Saving the environment, is one of our top priorities and we are tackling it one step at a time.


Most of our styles are made of cotton and our cottons are mainly sourced with GOTS certified organic cotton. We are using canvas for our heavy shirts fx our best seller BEAR. Canvas is an extremely durable and plain-woven fabric, which is also used for items were sturdiness is required like sails, tents, marquees and backpacks. Our flannel, poplin, twill and linen are BCI certified and the Italian lambswool we use for our knitwear is OEKO-TEX certified.


BCI is the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. The certification is based on The Better Cotton Standard System which is an approach to sustainable cotton production. The Better Cotton Standard System meets some principles and criteria standards for the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

GOTS certified cotton contain at least 70% organic fibres. GOTS limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemicals during production and processing.

  • Free from toxic pesticides and chemicals
  • Less water consumption
  • A more biologically diverse farming
  • Social Responsibility in the production

OEKO-TEX makes sure that every component in the fabric has been tested for harmful substances and that the article therefore is harmless in human ecological terms. The test criteria are globally standardised and are updated at least once a year on the basis of new scientific information or statutory requirements. OEKO-TEX has a standard that is far more comprehensive than the legislation of Denmark and the EU which makes it trustworthy and will ensure compliance with regulatory requirements regarding harmful chemistry in products.



We currently produce most of our products in portugal. Portugal is known for quality workmanship and for producing premium fabric. They are known to respect working conditions and they work under the European Union Labour Law, which focuses on fair employment conditions and informing and consulting workers. Despites that Portugal is also known to improve knowledge and technology. We forge long lasting relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we are partnering with businesses that also share our passion to preserve our environment. We are in weekly contact with our suppliers and we strive to visit them frequently – minimum a couple times a year.




Here at forét we develop products to last the test of time; we reinterpret vintage styles into our own. We focus on merging practicality with Danish designs, we want provide our customers with clothing that will accompany the many planned journeys, making all your memories everlasting. The heavy and durable fabric is used to make the clothes lasts for many years, and the classic styles is designed to fit into your wardrobe year after year.


It’s a priority for us to keep our items safe and protected as we ship orders to all over the world. Therefore, we can’t avoid using packaging but we can however make it sustainable by using recycled materials for our packaging.
HANG TAGS: The hang tags on all our items
is made from recycled paper
The poly bags which protects each and
every item after it leaves the factory is made from recycled plastic. 
The poly mailers we use for shipping
your orders are also made from recycled plastic.

The transport between our factories, retailers, storage house and customers is by truck.


We strive to make the forét items last for as long as possible and we encourage you to take good care of it. Wash it recording to the care label (always 30 degrees), repair it if gets damaged and resell it or pass it on when it no longer makes you happy.


forét a été crée en 2014 à Copenhague

par deux amis d’enfance, Jeppe et Jesper,

sur la simple idée de proposer

des vêtements pour notre voyage sur  Terre


Ils cherche à nous  inspirer

à ralentir, à nous  déconnecter

et à explorer notre planète.


Ils proposent des vêtements d’esprit nordique,

décontractés, contemporains et de qualité,

pour un mode de vie  authentique, près de la nature